Alfaglos Body Light is an extra lightweight polyester bodyfiller that has significantly been developed for filling and smoothing out surfaces with superior adhesion to substrates, clog-free and easier sanding application to a fine finish. Compared to any conventional body filler, Alfaglos BodyLight is 50% lighter in weight at the same volume. Due to its extra lightweight feature, Alfaglos BodyLight is beneficially most suitable for application on engine hoods, large vehicle bodies (truck, buses, etc.) and car modification parts (bumpers, audio housings, etc.)


Hardener Type CHPO
Hardener Mixing Ratio 1 - 2 %
Pot Life (25°C) 5 – 7 minutes
Sanding Interval (25°C) 20 – 30 minutes after applied on substrate
Suitable Surfaces Bare steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, fiberglass and properly treated old painted surfaces